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HockeySafe is a chemical combination that has been designed and created specifically to deal with the issues that a large number of athletes from the youngest to the eldest, in the world’s fastest team sport,HOCKEY SMELL”. HockeySafe has been successfully tested to eliminate and protect against 99.9% of illnesses such as MRSA, Meningitis, Influenza virus and many others. 

DO NOT just mask Hockey smells; HockeySafe is the ONLY Disinfectant based Hockey Deodoriser product available in the UK... be Safe  use HockeySafe  

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" I use HockeySafe to protect myself and my equipment"  Sabina Lossnitzer Goal Tender of the Championship Qualifiers Scotland 2012

HockeySafe would like to recognise Sabina Lossnitzer on her outstanding performance at the Championshipqualifiers in Scotland earlier in November with Team GB.

Wondering how to use HockeySafe? Want to learn more about HockeySafe and its benefits? Then click here to few our all new mini series on How to sanitize your ice hockey equipment.......

HockeySafe is 10 times below the classified limit for dangerous chemicals as verified by Bureau Veritas

                                                                                                                                 Click the image for a short video from Mark Beggs
Great Britain U18s Ice Hockey Head Coach

The HockeySafe Range now in three fragrances